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Althaea officinalis - Perennial herb, with tall stalks of white/pink flowers reaching 5-8'. A valued medicinal, especially the root. It's slippery/mucilaginous quality makes it a powerful demulcent that eases sore throats and indigestion. The leaves are less potent, but are great in teas. In fact all parts of the plant are edible; the leaves are a good steamed green and the flowers can be added to top salads. The original marshmallow candies were made from the root simmered with sugar, water and egg whites. Native across Eurasia. 100+ seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds
Growing Info
Sowing Early/Mid-spring, I start mine in April
Transplant outdoors After the risk of frost
Spacing 18-24"
Soil requirements Fertile moist soil is ideal, but any typical garden soil is fine. They don't thrive in dry sandy conditions.
Harvest Dig roots in Autumn of their 2nd year (or older)
Light Full sun to part shade
Life cycle Perennial
Cold hardiness Zone 3