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Montreal Melon

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(Cucumis melo) An exquisite and historic melon, well adapted for our climate. Netted skin and green flesh. Their flavour isn't musky like some cantaloupe, but light and richly fruity. For peak flavour, harvest the fruit when still firm and mostly green. When the green flesh ripens to yellow they're slightly over-mature. Part of the Slow Food Ark of Taste. 20 seeds

-Grown by
Annapolis Seeds

Their story
: Around 1900, these beautiful melons were grown extensively on the fertile farmland on the Island of Montreal. Famous for their rich flavour, they were exported to many other eastern cities. But as food systems homogenized in the mid 20th century, they didn’t prove adequately uniform or shippable, and so they fell out of favour. As the city grew and swallowed up nearby farmland this variety was nearly lost... it was thought to be extinct until it was re-discovered in the 1990s. Today they're enjoying a
renaissance of popularity. We're really happy we can still offer this variety, all these years later!