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Stinging Nettle

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Urtica dioica - One of my favourite wild edibles! Few things are as good as feasting on steamed nettles in spring, after a long winter with scarce fresh greens. I like to cut the leafy young tops at about 6 inches tall. They're delicious steamed like spinach or pureed into a soup. Light cooking will deactivate the barbs, making them stingless. They also make delicious herbal tea, either fresh or dried.

Native to Eurasia, and naturalized in North America. Considered a weed in some places, although here in Atlantic Canada it's uncommon to find growing wild. They like growing in moist sites, with either full sun or partial shade. They slowly spread through their roots, and can naturalize in meadows or open woodlands. Several hundred seeds

-Harvested in Nictaux, NS by Annapolis Seeds