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- Info on shipping: Liquid cultures can only be shipped when temperatures are above freezing (to avoid them freezing in the mail). Any mushroom cultures ordered now will be shipped in spring 2023. Feel free to order them any time along with your seeds; we'll mail the seeds first and the liquid cultures later. 


We're happy to be offering these liquid cultures of edible and medicinal species grown by our friend Megan. You can check out her website at (  I'll let Megan take it from here:

Mushroom liquid cultures are one of the steps in cultivating mushrooms. They could be compared to a seed in that they help get you to grow the fruiting mushroom body. 

Liquid Cultures come in syringes. In order to grow mushrooms from liquid culture you need to train the mycelium in the liquid culture to eat different food sources before it can fruit. You train it to eat grain (grain culture) and then put the grain into a growing medium to fruit the mushrooms!

To grow mushrooms from liquid culture, you will want to make sure you have access to a pressure cooker (an instant pot can work) and electric drill. There are many other materials needed that you often have around the house. 

If growing mushrooms for you is new, we have created a procedural guide that will help make the world of growing them a little less daunting. In this zine, we explore the liquid culture to fruiting substrate stages of the life cycle. This will give you the tools to fruit your own mushrooms.


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