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Lupini Bean

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Lupinus albus - Lupini are an annual relative to our common wild lupin. With big, edible, protein-rich seeds. Commonly grown around the Mediterranean, but rare in North America. I've been growing them for the past handful of years, selecting from the plants that do best for us in Nova Scotia.

They like cool weather, sow them around the same time as peas. Sturdy stalks reach about 3 feet, with small soft-purple flowers by early-summer. Harvest when the pods turn brown and crispy.

Traditionally the beans are cooked and then rinsed over many days to remove their bitterness. Our strain seems to be a non-bitter one; I found them to be quite tasty cooked as they are. To prepare: soak dry beans for 24 hours, then boil for 30 minutes (or until just tender), after cooking put them in a jar with a salt brine and keep them in the fridge. They'll be at their best after a week or two.  20+ seeds - Limited supply

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds