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Sweet Annie

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Artemesia annua - aka; Sweet Wormwood. I first encountered this magically scented herb at the Common Ground Fair in Maine. Sweet Annie headdresses are a Fair tradition which fill the whole grounds with fragrant earthy wafts. Use the flowering branches in wreaths and floral arrangements. The flowers aren’t showy but the aroma lingers for months. An extremely easy to grow annual herb, start the tiny seeds inside in early spring and transplant out when the weather has warmed. The plants reach a height of 4-5 feet, and will happily self-sow. Several hundred seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds
Growing Info
Sowing Can be direct sown from May onwards, or started indoors in April
Transplant outdoors after the risk of frost
Spacing 12-24" between plants
Soil requirements Not picky, average soil is fine as long as it drains well
Harvest Cut foliage throughout summer and early fall
Light Full sun
Life cycle Annual