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Annapolis Select Peanut

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Our own strain of hardy, short season peanut. I started growing them in 2009, planting Valencia peanuts sourced from southern Ontario (where peanuts are grown commercially). They thrived, and we’ve been saving seed from the most productive plants every year since. The average number of pods per plant has been increasing for us every year. The first few years we were getting maybe 10-12, and now we’re averaging around 20-25, with the very best plants having 50+. Still an ongoing selection project. Save your seeds and adapt your own local strain!

8 pods/pack, with 2-4 seeds in each pod

-Grown by
Annapolis Seeds

Growing Info
Sowing Direct sow after the risk of frost, and after the soil has warmed. Early June for us
Spacing 6-12" between plants, 2-3ft between rows
Soil requirements Loose and friable. Sandy loam is ideal. They struggle to set pods in heavy clay or rocky soil
Days to maturity 120-140 (in our location)
Harvest Pull plants after the first fall frost. Hang them in a protected spot with good airflow to cure (3-4 weeks)
Light Full sun