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Ginkgo biloba

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New for 2024 - Ancient and truly unique tree. Ginkgo will grow into a large and stately tree, given time and space. When grown from seed, you'll get a 50-50 mix of male and female plants. At maturity (which could take 30+ years) females produce somewhat unpleasantly odoured yellow fruit containing edible nuts. Which could be a blessing or a nuisance depending on your desired levels of orderliness. Brilliant golden fall foliage. Extremely long-lived.  

An evolutionary anachronism; Ginkgo emerged in the Jurassic period, among primordial forests of tree ferns and cyads. Once widespread across the Earth, with the rise of gymnosperms (flowering plants) they slowly began to decline, until only a tiny population remained in southern China. From these trees they became cultivated, originally at temple grounds throughout China, Korea and Japan (where some individuals have grown for 1,000+ years). If any truly wild Ginkgos still exist today, they are very rare. Reading about the Ginkgo as a kid, this was the tree that showed me how cool trees are! 

10 seeds

These seeds are partially stratified. We've begun the process, and you'll want to keep the seeds lightly damp in your fridge to continue stratification until early spring. Plant them outdoors into the ground, or into large pots (protection from squirrels recommended) 

Note on shipping: Ginkgo seeds require expedited shipping ($20), since they're too bulky for letter mail (our basic $5 option). 

From Blackbird Hollow (North Mountain, NS)


Growing Info
Notes If seeds don't germinate their first spring, don't give up hope. Ginkgo seeds are sometimes known to sprout their second spring. Occasionally their dormancy takes two cycles to break. That said, most should sprout in year 1.