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Verbascum thapsus - Biennial herb native to Eurasia, and naturalized across North America. The huge velvety grey leaves on the first year plants give way to a tall spire of yellow flowers in year two. Used medicinally for respiratory health. An impressive garden specimen, and great for beneficial insects. Several hundred seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds

Growing Info
Sowing Indoors mid-spring, I start mine in April. Tamp into surface and keep moist, light helps germination
Transplant outdoors After the risk of frost
Spacing 24-36" between plants
Soil requirements In the wild, Mullein thrives in dry rocky soil. Average garden soil is ideal, as long as it's well drained
Harvest Pick leaves late-summer and fall after plants have established.
Light Full sun
Life cycle Biennial
Cold hardiness Zone 3