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An essential for any Maritime vegetable garden. Fresh cucumber and tomato sandwiches are always among the highlights of my summer.

Growing: Cucumbers can be either direct sown or transplanted after the risk of frost has passed, for us that means planting out around the first week of June. I tend to to transplant mine, from an early May sowing in the greenhouse. They're hungry plants, and will appreciate all the compost and fertility they can get. Our major challenge is dealing with the Striped Cucumber Beetle, which can destroy entire plantings if left unchecked. I used to diligently go out to the plants at dawn to squish them; they're easier to catch while they're slow in the cool of the morning. I've recently found an even better technique; covering the young plants with lightweight row cover. The plants are most vulnerable when young, and I'll remove the covers before the plants begin to flower. Harvest starts in August, and the more you pick the more they produce.

Check out our Growing Guide for more info!
Cucumbers fresh out of the garden are an essential part of summer! If you're more a fan of long slicers, I'd suggest Shintokiwa and Suyo Long are hard to beat. Or if you gravitate towards pickling, check out Bush Pickle and National Pickling. That said, any cucumber will be good for either purpose if you get them at the right stage.

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