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Mennonite Sorghum

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I've been experimenting with different varieties of sorghum for a few years now, and for many seasons Mennonite was my favourite. After discovering Ba-Ye-Qi sorghum a few years back, it's no longer my go-to variety for grain production (Ba-Ye-Qi has it beat for earliness), but it's still a great dual-purpose variety for syrup and grain (if started early).

The plants look a lot like tall stalks of corn, only rather than producing a tassel on top they each bear a head of grain. In addition to the grain (which is gluten-free) the juice from the mature stalks is sweet and can be pressed and boiled into syrup. I enjoy just chewing on the stalks in the garden like sugar cane. 100+ seeds (2 grams)

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds