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Black Elderberry Mix

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New for 2024 - Sambucus canadensis - Black Elder is a beautiful bushy shrub valued for it's delicious and medicinal fruit. The large large white umbel flowers bloom in early July, followed by clusters of black fruit by the end of summer. Although you should avoid eating them raw, they make incredible jellies, syrups and brews. Wild Sambucus canadensis is native across eastern North America, however these seeds are a cultivated form. Harvested from a mix of several cultivars grown at Twisted Brook that were developed locally at the Kentville Research Station (Scotia, Kent and Nova). Seedling elderberries will be naturally more variable than plants grown from cuttings (which is how named varieties are propagated). The parent plants are between 5-8' tall, and similarly wide. 30-50 seeds

Grown by Twisted Brook     

Growing Info
Stratification 60 days warm/moist, followed by 90 days cold/moist treatment. Alternatively, sow outdoors in September/October for spring germination.
Soil Moist and fertile soil is ideal. In the wild, elders grow alongside waterways in moist places.
Light Full sun, part shade is okay too
Hardiness zone 3