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Twisted Brook

- Twisted Brook Farm -

Just a short ways down the road from us, in South Williamston. Steph Warr and Dan Moore moved here from BC in 2013, breathing new life into a long dormant farmstead. The land has transformed in the short time since, they've created productive gardens and berry patches and food forests where alders and pin cherries used to be.

Seed saving has long been woven into what they do, having previously grown organic seeds as part of Notch Hill Farm in Sorrento, BC. As a market grower, Steph has an eye for varieties ideal for small scale commercial growing. Many of their seed varieties, they offer as produce at the Annapolis Royal Farmers' Market. Come see them there, or drop by their roadside seedling stand at the farm in Spring.

Twisted Brook Farm - Seed Growers - Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia
Twisted Brook Farm's resident gnome - Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia


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