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Angelica archangelica - Edible, medicinal and a striking ornamental too. Biennial, with large white umbel flowers atop 5-6' stems the second year. All parts are edible; the stems can be eaten and the roots are used both medicinally for flavouring. Can self-sow when grown in favourable conditions. Native to northern Europe. 0.5 g

-Grown by Twisted Brook
Growing Info
Stratify 30-60 days cold/moist treatment prior to sowing. Alternatively, direct sow in fall. Press into soil surface, light helps germination
Sowing Indoors mid-spring, I start mine in April
Spacing 24-36" between plants
Soil requirements Moist and fertile soil is ideal, but average garden soil is fine
Light Full sun to part shade
Life cycle Biennial
Cold hardiness Zone 4