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Black Walnut

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New for 2024 - Juglans nigra - Valued for their nuts as well as their dark lustrous wood. Native across the deciduous woodlands of the eastern US, and the Carolinian forest of south Ontario. Black Walnut is a large and long-lived tree, upwards of 80' tall and 200+ years. They do best in full sun (shade intolerant) and fertile well-drained soil. However they're a tough and adaptable species and will grow in a variety of soil types. Two trees are needed for pollination. They start bearing nuts at around 10 years. Their husks are a strong brown tannin dye (as anyone who has shucked walnuts likely knows).

10 seeds

From Blackbird Hollow

These seeds are partially stratified. We've begun the process, and you'll want to keep the seeds cold and damp in your fridge to continue stratification until early spring. Plant them outdoors into the ground, or into large pots (protection from squirrels recommended)     

Note on shipping: Walnut seeds require expedited shipping ($20 per order), since they're too bulky for letter mail (our basic $5 option).