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New for 2024 - Eupatorium perfoliatum - Native perennial. Boneset grows wild across eastern North America including here in Nova Scotia. 3-4’ tall plants are topped with umbrellas of fluffy white flowers in late summer. The flowers are food for many pollinators, and the leaves are host to a number of different species of moth. They thrive best in damp soil and dappled sun, but are quite adaptable to a range of conditions. Said to be deer resistant. Seeds should be stratified for 6-8 weeks for best germination. 100+ seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds

Growing Info
Stratify 60 days cold/moist treatment prior to sowing
Sowing Indoors mid-spring, I start mine in April
Transplant outdoors After the risk of frost
Spacing 12-18" between plants
Soil requirements Moist soil is preferred, as long as it isn't standing water. Boneset thrives in a range of soil types
Light Part shade is ideal, full sun also fine
Life cycle Perennial
Cold hardiness Zone 4