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Ethiopian Kale

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Brassica carinata - I’m a big fan of this green, it filled our harvest baskets all last fall. The leaves are more tender than common kale, with a mildly peppery/mustardy flavour somewhere akin to mizuna. Great in salads and our go-to for sautéing. Very fast growing plants. 100+ seeds (0.5 g)

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

We grew an experimental salad garden last season; direct sowing Ethiopian Kale alongside Lacinato and Siber Frill on August 1. By September 15 the Ethiopian Kale was over twice as large as the other kales. Less winter hardy than other kales, but also more tolerant of heat. One difference is that Ethiopian Kale is an annual, flowering during the long days of early summer. Thus, it's best sown in the fall or early spring.  

Ethiopian Kale is it's own whole separate species of the Brassica genus! It’s theorized that B. carinata arose from a cross between B. oleracea and B. nigra sometime in the distant past.