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Fast Lady Northern Southern Pea

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Vigna unguiculata - Northern adapted variety of the southern pea! Grown for both their long smooth pods (delicious steamed) and the creamy white dry beans. Sturdy bush plants send up eye catching yellow flowers late summer, followed shortly after by dozens of pods per plant. We harvested dry pods in September from a June 1 direct sowing. Limited supply, 20-30 seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

Southern peas (also known as cowpeas or black eyed peas) are an important crop across the warmer regions of the world. I’ve tried growing a few different varieties over the years, with little success. Farmer and author Carol Deppe bred this variety in Oregon, starting with an old heirloom named ‘Lady’ and selecting it for earliness. I was really impressed how well they grew here in NS.