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Fundy Amethyst Bean

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I'm very excited to finally share these seeds! Developed here on the farm, from a purple off-type of Candy Bean that I spotted in 2010. Heavy yields from bush plants. Dependable and early, usually drying down in early September from a June 1 sowing. The beans are very large, with a nice silky texture when cooked. Also delicious when picked in the plump shell stage, then shucked from their pods and boiled in salty water like edamame. Named in honour of our local Bay, who's stormy tides frequently unearth amethyst from the basalt cliffs. 20+ large seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

Note: This variety is still a work in progress; less than 100% stable. About 5% of plants each year seem to revert back to the pink colour of their parent variety Candy. So if you're saving seed, save from the purple beans. Otherwise for food, they're all equally delicious! I'm going to continue working with this one, selecting against the pinks. Figured you folks would still appreciate this great bean despite some wayward colours.