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House Tomato

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A rare and special variety that we're excited to be offering. We get many inquiries at the Halifax Market from urban growers who want to grow tomatoes but only have window space. Finally, a tomato for you! Our friend and market helper Jenn Stotland tracked down this rare variety. Small but prolific plants reach around 24", they grow best in pots near warm and sunny windows. Small slicer, with tasty bright red fruit.

They really do produce well entirely indoors! That's how our seed was grow. When grown outdoors, they'll usually grow larger and more abundant, so some people grow them outdoors in pots and just take them in for the winter, cutting them back for new growth in the spring. The plants can grow for years this way! An heirloom variety, originally from Russia, and brought to Canada in the 1890s. 15 seeds

-Grown in sunny south-facing Halifax windows, by Jenn Stotland