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Northern Hybrid Hazelnut

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New for 2024 - These are seeds from our hazel grove here at our farm. We planted our first hazels back in 2006, and they've been producing nuts since around 2014. Their genetics are a mixture of European and North American species, that we originally sourced from Grimo in Ontario. So far they've proven resistant to filbert blight (most European cultivars have a difficult time in eastern North America because of it). They exhibit a range of growth forms, some are single-stem trees and others are multi-stemmed with suckers. All of them are about 15-18' in height, with a similar width. Some bear their nuts in clusters (my favourite for easy picking!) and some individually. Nuts ripen early-mid September. I keep a close eye on them and hand-pick from the branches just as the husks start to turn yellow... any later and the squirrels will beat me to them. 

10 seeds

These seeds are partially stratified. We've begun the process, and you'll want to keep the seeds cold and damp in your fridge to continue stratification until early spring. Plant them outdoors into the ground, or into large pots (protection from squirrels recommended) 

Note on shipping: Hazel seeds require expedited shipping ($20), since they're too bulky for letter mail (our basic $5 option). Due to regulations, we can't ship hazel seeds to BC or the US.