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Inula racemosa - aka: Indian Elecampane. This perennial herb is a more showy relative of Elecampane. The plants reach a height of 4-6’ with dense branches of sunny yellow flowers. Native to the Himalayas, the roots have a long history of medicinal use in Ayurvedic systems. Similar expectorant properties as their cousin Elecampane from what I can tell. 40+ seeds

-Grown by Annapolis Seeds

Growing Info
Stratify 60 days cold/moist treatment prior to sowing.
Sowing Indoors mid-spring, I start mine in April
Transplant outdoors After the risk of frost
Spacing 18-24" between plants
Soil requirements Adapted to wide range of soil types. Moist yet well drained soil is ideal
Harvest Roots are best dug in the fall, from plants 3 years or older. Alternatively, early spring before they break dormancy
Light Full sun to part shade
Life cycle Perennial
Cold hardiness Zone 4