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Silvana's Gold Cherry Tomato

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New for 2024 - Farm favourite cherry tomato, this one may even be tied with Gardener’s Sweetheart for top rank in my books! Sweet and intensely flavourful, it hits all the right notes when you pop one in your mouth. I’m a fan of their dense texture and split-resistant skins too. I would dare compare it to the famed hybrid Sungold in terms of sheer deliciousness; definitely the best open pollinated gold cherry I’ve ever encountered. Long hanging trusses of fruit on indeterminate vines. 30 seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds

This variety was shared with us by friend and fellow seed saver Silvana Castillo (La Finquita Seeds). She has been selecting it for  in Nova Scotia's north shore, where it developed a cult following of all who tasted it.