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Wood Betony

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Stachys officinalis - Perennial medicinal herb in the mint family, which will happily naturalize itself in any garden or meadow. Shade tolerant. Plants form leafy mounds with with beautiful purple blossoms atop 2’ stems. Like most members of the mint clan, pollinators love them. Native to Europe. 100+ seeds

Grown by Annapolis Seeds
Growing Info
Sowing Indoors early-spring, March is good. Germination can be slow
Transplant outdoors After the risk of frost
Spacing 12-18" between plants
Soil requirements They tolerant of a wide range of soil types as long as they drain well
Harvest Aerial parts can be picked anytime after the plants are well established. I'd hold off on harvesting until their 2nd summer
Light Full sun to 3/4 shade. More sun will produce leafier plants, yet we have some very nicely naturalized betony under the shady maples in our yard
Life cycle Perennial
Cold hardiness Zone 4